NAILONG lottery

To participate in the NAILONG lottery and have a chance to win rewards, holders simply need to hold NAILONG tokens in their wallets. Here's an explanation of the rules and process:

  1. Hold NAILONG Tokens: To be eligible for the lottery, individuals must hold NAILONG tokens in your wallets. The more tokens held, the higher the chances of winning.

  2. Record Wallets: All NAILONG token holders' wallets will be recorded and stored on a secure lottery web platform. This ensures transparency and fairness in the selection process.

  3. Random Selection: The lottery system will randomly select a wallet from the pool of NAILONG token holders. This selection process is designed to be unbiased and based on chance.

  4. Reward Request: If the lottery selects a holder's wallet, they will be notified and given the opportunity to request a reward. The chosen holder can then specify the major token they desire as their reward.

  5. Community Voting: To ensure fairness, the NAILONG community will have the opportunity to vote on the chosen reward token. This voting process allows community members to collectively decide which major token the winner should receive. This ensures transparency and democratic decision-making.

  6. Reward Distribution: Once the community has voted and the major token reward is determined, the chosen holder will receive the specified major token as their reward. The reward distribution process will be carried out efficiently and securely to ensure the winners receive their rewards promptly.

By following these rules and processes, NAILONG aims to create an engaging and fair lottery system where holders have a chance to win major tokens while promoting community involvement and decision-making.

NOTE: The raffle can be held by anyone entering the site and filling out a participation form.

Wallet address, @TG name and to like tweeter and other social canals, the condition to participate is that you must have a minimum of 0.1BNB in ​​NLG coin in the wallet.

And registration closes 2 days before the official draw, so everyone who has coins in their wallet to participate will have to hold them for a minimum of 2 days to be ranked

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