(Max Supply)

500.000.000.000 (50%)

BURNT (10%)

Cex listing,treasury,etc

400.000.000.000 (40%)


Alocations for cex

Tokens Allocated to CEX, Treasury, etc.


  • Similarly, tokens allocated for CEX listing, treasury, marketing, lottery, and development (for example, 10% of the total supply) will also be locked on pinksale.

  • The purpose of locking these tokens is to ensure their intended use and prevent any unauthorized or premature access to them.

  • This locking mechanism safeguards the tokens allocated for specific purposes, ensuring transparency and accountability in their utilization.

Locking period

Locking Period and Transparency:

  • The duration for which liquidity and allocated tokens will be locked should be clearly stated in the project's documentation.

  • Transparency is crucial, and the project should provide verifiable proof of the locking mechanisms, such as sharing the contract addresses or using reputable locking services.

  • The locked tokens should be easily traceable and visible to the community to build trust and confidence.

Overall, the liquidity and tokens allocated to CEX, treasury, and other purposes being locked ensures that they are preserved for their intended use and protects the project from potential risks of manipulation or unauthorized access. It provides stability, security, and transparency, which are essential for the success of the NAILONG project.

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